I have a BA in Art History and Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley and an M.F.A. from the UCLA department of Design Media Arts. Between 2003 and 2007 I created animations for 11 different faculty in the sciences at UC Berkeley and the Discovery Science Channel. In 2007 I helped create a small suite of games with Red Hill Studios and the Baker Center for Wellness at UCSF designed to help Parkinson's patients with physical therapy, which sparked my interest in exploring human gesture through interaction design. In 2011-12 I completed internationally exhibited, award-winning interactive installations for Sephora and Facebook. From 2012 to 2020 I worked at WET Design, creators of the fountains of the Bellagio and the fountains of Dubai. I started as a visual artist and over the course of almost 8 years I established a new department focused on incorporating digital media like projection and LED screens into some of the world's most recognizable water features, including the Jewel waterfall in Singapore. In 2020 I decided to part ways with WET in order to pursue my own artistic endeavors, including traditional art, kinetic sculpture and interactive storytelling.

e-mail: gautam@gautamrangan.com

2021 Short film for “Copycat Killer” EP by Phoebe Bridgers released by Dead Oceans. Media design and custom code.

2021 Water Feature “Surreal” opens at Dubai World Expo, featured globally across Associated Press. Developed media system and content (listed as an  inventor on the patent application for the media system).

5/21/2020 Interview on Instagram Live @ Solano College: Creatives in Conversation.

2020 Patent no. 10825422 “Water drop TV screen“ awarded by the US government to: Fuller; Mark W. (Studio City, CA), Doyle; James W. (Sun Valley, CA), Rangan; Gautam (Sun Valley, CA), Canavan; John (Sun Valley, CA).

5/2019 Rain Vortex water feature "soft opening" in Jewel Building at Changi Airport complex in Singapore  

4/2019 Game Of Thrones show at the Bellagio Fountains is featured in Time, Entertainment weekly, Variety Magazine, LA Times, BoingBoing, CNET, People Magazine, Fortune, Lonely Planet, IGNNY Post,USA Today, SyFy.com, The Wrap, India Today, and many more. 

4/2019 Game Of Thrones show at the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas premiers live on: CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox, and many other news networks. 

8/2019 Oculus water feature at opens at Hard Rock Seminole Guitar Hotel and Casino.

3/2018 Fountains of Shanghai Daning grand opening.

Fall 2013 & 2014 Guest Lecture "Graphic Design" and Illustration - Solano Community College.

10/2012 Durga featured on MoreStarch Design Blog

10/2012 Durga featured on Whoa! Design   Blog

10/2012 Durga featured on Design Envy!

10/2012 Unfinished Swan out for PS3! You can check out some of the drawings, animations, and models I made for it here.

9/14/2012 Guest Lecture at USF: Art 103 "Drawing" professor: Rachel Smith

8/2012 Sculptor Julie Kumar kindly mentions some of my work in her article for Thalo.

7/2012 Lucid Dreams at the Sephora Sensorium is shortlisted at the AICP Next Awards

7/2012 Lucid Dreams at the Sephora Sensorium wins an In-Book Slice at the D&AD professional awards!

6/2012 Lucid Dreams at the Sephora Sensorium nominated for a technological breakthrough award at the FiFi awards. The FiFis are like "the Oscars of the perfume world."

6/2012 Lucid Dreams at the Sephora Sensorium receives a Notable Mention for Interaction at the Core 77 International Design Awards!

5/7/2012 Lucid Dreams at the Sephora Sensorium wins a Gold Pencil at the One Show Design Awards!

Feb-March 2012 Timeline Hallway interactive exhibit installed at Facebook Marketing Convention in NYC and London.

10/17/2011 Guest Lecture at USF: Art 315 "Digital Literacy" professor: Rachel Smith

10/2011 "Lucid Dreams" featured in StyleCaster, New York Times, Archidaily, Adage, and others

10/7/11 "Lucid Dreams" at the Sensorium opens in New York, 414 West 14th Street

9/1/10 "One" installed in INDAF Incheon, Korea.

8/27/10 Durga Interactive Installation featured in Étapes #183 in an interview with Peter Lunenfeld by Diana Mesa.

5/13/10 Hello World Exhibition at New Wight Gallery:

12/4/09 "One" Installed at Inspace in Edinburgh, Scotland, in a show entitled "Are We Human?"

12/3/09 "One" awarded Jury Recommendation in Japan Media Arts Festival in the Category of "Interactive Art"

12/3/09 "One" semi finalist in interaction design: Adobe Design Competition

10/15/09 Show in New Wight gallery @ UCLA: "Away From Keyboard." With class of 2010 Design | Media Arts :

2009: Interactive work "One" featured in the Siggraph "Biologic" Art Gallery

2009: Interactive work "One" published in arts journal "Leonardo" vol. 42. no. 4, MIT Press

2009: Hox Zodiac shown at the 2009 Shanghai International Science & Art Exhibition

2009: Work on physical therapy games with UCSF featured on ABC 7 news

2009: Exhibition "Tale of the Anklet" at UCLA including games and illustration.

2008: Animation for Cytograft Tissue Engineering appeared on CBS News

2007 "Exploring Time" aired on Discovery Science Channel March 17th & March 24th 5-7 pm and daily for the month of March 11-1 pm http://exploringtime.org/

2007 Graphic for Bertozzi group paper "Nano Needle Delivers" in the What's Next Spring 2007 Annual Report Howard Hughes Medical Institute Press

2006: Guest Lecturer CNM Advanced digital animation UC Berkeley: Spring 2006
lectured about procedural animation 10/16/06 and 10/23/06 :

2006 Graphic for Terrence Deacon's paper "Reciprocal Linkage between Self-organizing Processes is Sufficient for Self-reproduction and Evolvability" in Biological Theory spring 2006 MIT Press

2006 reconstruction of Revueltosaurus appeared in "Fossil rocks dinosaur tree.Herbivorous crocodile? Maybe." The Graduate Magazine, Spring 2006 University Press., and animalplanet.com :

2005 "Wings of Autumn" featured in Orinda Film Festival, categories Animation and Short Film

2005 "Wings of Autumn" featured in Film and Video Makers at Cal 2005: Radical Drifts UC Berkeley:

2004 "Autocell" (3mins) shown at Bateson Memorial Conference, Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, CA

2004 "Wings of Autumn"(3mins) and "Autocell" shown in MusiCollage at Center for Music Research Stanford University

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