FABLES is an application that gives new form to spoken word by visualizing the users’ voice as real-time reactive animation.
FABLES will exist as a site-specific interactive installation. It will present text against a projection surface. As the reader speaks the words out loud, the application will produce imagery and animation. The animation will take on a variety of forms depending on the reader's pitch and volume. Furthermore, the reader may improvise rhyming words as they speak. The reader’s improvisations will be reflected in the imagery revealed. The core concept is to explore the intimate connections between the experience of speaking, modulating and comprehension. By providing a rich environment to interact with the text, Fables hopes to advocate for active and engaged reading and listening practices. 

The body of poetry created for Fables will be designed to appeal to young readers: i.e. clear, straightforward, action-oriented, exciting, optimistic, and funny. Narrative, playful language, rhymes, vivid imagery and humor will be used to engage the users, improve retention and promote revisiting of text. We hope the content will inspire dialogue on a wide range of issues between generations (culture, class, race, love, aging, integrity, family). While we are thinking of this version of the project primarily for readers of English, we will explore the blending of two or more languages.
Indoor Installation Drawings
Material List: 
1. Large screen TV or 4K lumen ultra-short-throw projector for digital display. 
2. Windows laptop with at least 16GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive (and reasonably fast GPU). 
3. USB Microphone and stand. 
4. Cables and mounting hardware for screen. 
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