Concept Art for Sons of Anarchy promo on FX
These are some concept art sketches for a Sons Of Anarchy promo on FX. The idea was that these dusty, gritty scenes would be sketched onto the screen as short promotional spots for the show. Collaboration with Nomenclature Design.
Charcoal. The background includes elements from Jax's past. The client liked how the background drawing looks kind of like gunpowder, capturing the violent nature of his story. 
Charcoal. The background includes pieces of Gemma's past. 
Darkgame Concept Art and Assets
The images below show a few characters and environment concepts I sketched and modeled here and there between 2009 and 2010 for the game "Darkgame" by Eddo Stern. I'm only showing about 20% of what I created. I was a grad student at UCLA DMA while Eddo was developing this game, and I think our sensibilities matched. He had been growing this idea for years, and was starting to investigate a new visual style. We were both interested in pushing the traditional methods and aesthetics of interactive 3d worlds to new places, outside of standard representational language but still narrative. So in a way Eddo was very respectful and encouraging of my style, while still pushing me towards something that he could hopefully use in the world of his game. 
The premise of the game was ambitious to say the least. Eddo wanted to create a custom interface for players that engages three senses - sight, hearing, and touch. The players compete with one another in a 3rd person tracking and hunting game. The controller features a traditional hand-held controller, headphones, and an octopus-like haptic feedback device that sits on your head. The objective of the game when I was working on it was to hunt down your opponent using all the information available to you in a large, disorienting world. In order to aid your search you could obtain special powers from various entities roaming the environment called "traders," which you can see conceptualized and modeled above. These traders could give you powers like enhanced vision or an increased range of hearing. They could also give you the ability to spawn a decoy or multiply. One of the ways of interacting with your opponent when you found him/her was to trade sensory input. For instance if you attacked your opponent with the power of "skin/touch," you would lose some of your existing abilities - like vision or hearing/audio - but you would gain increased haptic input. An exchange like this might leave your opponent's screen completely dark or her/his audio completely mute. 
One version of teh darkgame onvironment, with a trader approaching over the horizon. 
This is the eye trader model I created and animatied from scratch in Maya and ZBrush. This version of the games used large rolling heads as the traders a la Miyazaki's "Spirited Away."
The "Skin Trader" model, I modeled and animated in ZBrush and Maya. 
One of the traders - I think this was a "heart" trader at some point. He is based on the game designer Raymond Smullyan. I sketched the image on the right and modeled the image on the left in Maya and Zbrush. I rigged and animated him too - I'll upload some of those later.  
The "Blood" trader, based on the concept of the golden hind from Herculese. I think Eddo really liked the way I interpreted my sketch in 3d, using abstract shapes and loose, messy geometry to capture the gesture of the lines but not exactly defining the volume. I would like to animate this character at some point. 
Some concepts for hypothetical 3d environments. Eddo liked the abstract piles and shapes. 
An environment concept based on Paul Bowles' "Distant Country" and the "ear" trader based on a professor from this story.The professor is captured by bandits, has his tongue cut out, and is adorned with the lids of tin cans for the entertainment of his captors.  
Unfinished Swan Concept Art and Assets
These are some sketches I created for the Playstation 3 game "Unfinished Swan" which came out in December 2013. The game is a beautiful puzzle/exploration game that employs various unique mechanisms for understanding and navigating your environment. The most compelling of these in my opinion is the use of black "paint" to reveal objects and pathways amidst your completely white surroundings. The levels and mechanisms get increasingly complex from there. I was hired on as a contractor and I created some animations and models for the game. My role was pretty brief, but among other things I was tasked with helping to conceptualize the system of vines that you can grow and climb in the game. 
Some of the concept work I did in Maya and the Gamebryo game engine for PS3. 
some pencil sketches of vine look and feel based on some basic parameters - it had to look pretty "Ivy" like.
more pencil sketches of vines - actually there were more pages of these haha. 
more vines and some vine-eaters!
vine-eaters, vine-eater eaters, and thorny vines.  
Some of my designs for the vine-pit, a dessicated fountain where you first encounter the vines. 
My 3d model of the vine-pit where you first encounter the vines. 
Raven Promotional Site Concept Art
Below are some concept sketches for a site promoting the release of the movie "The Raven" about Edgar Allen Poe. From most accounts the movie was terrible, so perhaps it is a mixed blessing that this concept was never picked up - but I like the idea anyways. Matt Checkowski from D4D proposed that we create a online identity for the Raven with a twitter account. The raven might spout whimsical or foreboding riddles, respond to tweets, etc.
Raven skulls drawn with chalk on black paper. 
Ravens drawn in pencil reacting to the Twitter bird. Matt's idea was that the Raven would have a snarky identity on Twitter.  
Ravens drawn in chalk and conte crayon. 
Satcon Solar Logo Animation 
Below are a couple little logo animations I made for Satcon Solar in 2011. Satcon makes inverters to convert DC current from solar power into AC current. These inverters are pretty complicated machines, but they mostly look like large boxes :) Hence the prompt from this client was "Satcon: The Building Blocks for Utility-Ready Solar." The version on the left was the official version and I made an "alternate ending" on the right. 
Storyboards for the animated logos below
RedBull DJ Booth Animations
Below are some concept sketches for some animations I made for Grant Davis' 9-screen VJ booth at various RedBull events. He was really sweet in inviting me to contribute to this visually. I think the basic idea was to come up with something new and interesting that fit the medium. I don't think I met Grant's expectations, but it was fun to participate and try my hand at such a new medium :) 
clips from the nine-screen animation
Environment Sketches
Environment sketch for science-fiction prototyping session. 
Concept sketches using ballpoint pen, colored pencil, and photoshop for shading.  
Concept sketches using ballpoint pen, colored pencil, and photoshop for shading.  
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