This installation explores mythology and movement as animations projected onto a wooden disk. The disk is a projection surface and interface; the viewer navigates the content by turning the disk by hand. Part of the story is painted on the disk, and the rest is revealed through changing projected images. Direction (clockwise vs. counter-clockwise) and speed of rotation affect the nature of the content revealed. If you rotate the wheel counterclockwise the wheel tells one version of a given story. If you rotate the wheel clockwise, another narrative is revealed.
Indoor Installation
Outdoor Installation: alternate location
Mechanical components
Materials List:

1. Platform and enclosure: 2" plywood
2. Spokes and collapsible Wedges for wheel: 2x4 wood
3. Fabric for Screen: Rosebrand Blockout IFR
4. Paint for background image: Acyrlic
5. Koyo 1024 PPR absolute gray code encoder
6. Custom cables, wires, solder, connecters. 
7. Circuit to receive encoder input
8. Machine components (shafts, pulleys, belts as described above)
9. Ultra short throw projector (something similar to the Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS500 4K lumen would work)
10. Windows laptop with at least 16GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive (and reasonably fast GPU). 
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