Below are some sketches I made for an old friend Kiik Araki Kawaguchi. He is a very talented writer and poet who is teaching in San Diego. He wrote a quick poem for his mother featuring a figure called “THE HEN.” Here she is, in her many incarnations. She changed shape and character as I read and reread the poem, so I used many different kinds of pens/brushes. I experimented with a fountain pen for the first time in years. Interestingly, Kiik was inspired to write different versions of the poem after seeing some of these sketches! I’ll post some of the resulting poems when I get permission from Kiik.
"Walking Hens" Drawn with fountain pen
"Crazy Hen." drawn with fountain pen.
"Brown Hen" drawn with pencil, conte crayons, and colored with gouache. 
On the left "Flying Hen" painted in gouache and in the middle "Inky Hen" drawn with fountain pen. 
"Cute Hen" with pencil, conte crayon and gouache.
Analytical Figure Drawing
Below are some figure drawings from a drawing class I took with Kevin Chen at CDA last year. The class is based around a system of proportions he calls the "mannequin." The instructor prefers drawing with conte crayons and asks the students to make the least amount of strokes necessary to define a shape. I respect this idea a lot, and it leads to graphical clarity in most cases, but my style is naturally much sketchier. I still haven't really adopted his style, but I'm not totally unhappy with some of the sketches that came out of these classes, so I included them in illustration :) 
Sketchy drawings - from near the beginning of the class.
In the middle of the class somewhere: I'm trying to aply the mannequin - represented by the wireframe-looking things. 
towards the beginning of class. 
towards the end of the class, where I'm trying to re-introduce my own style. 
somewhere in the middle. 
A mix of styles towards the end.
An ecorche I made for Rey Bustos' class. Sculpted all those bones from scratch using super sculpey!. 
Above is my attempt to apply the lessons from figure drawing and sculpting to 3D figure modeling in Zbrush and Maya. I created this figure from scratch, painstakingly manipulating all the vertices by hand using the system of proportions learned from Kevin's class :)
Projection Studies
Here are some sketches for a project involving projected animations wrapped around a cylindrical screen. I can't post the final animations yet, but here hopefully you can get a sense of my inspirations and thought process. 
I am interested in the visual language created by these intersecting lines. 
Here are some sketches trying to apply this general visual scheme to a cylindrical projection surface. 
Some inspirations include the tympanum and motifs on the column at the Cathedral at Moissac, Sagrada Familia by Gaudi, among others. 
A concept for box kites using this pattern - boxes look like hexagons from an isometric perspective, so it might be interesting to morph between these two shapes.  
When you flatten the boxes they turn into hexagons
Some other interesting patterns using this base grid. 
printed out on transparency and rolled into cylinders. 
Animations I created in Maya from the patterns I made above. 
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