Sketched with ballpoint pen and colored in photoshop.
Sketched with ballpoint pen and colored in photoshop.
Above and below are some sketches I made for an exercise in science fiction protoyping. First hand - sketched in pencil, then shaded in Photoshop. 
Above I used sketchy pencil and intentionally rough environments painted in Photoshop to describe the mood and expression of the project rather than the specific shape.

 I used a combination of Maya and Photoshop to finish this architectural rendering. 
Personal Style
This is one of a series of drawings I made about Mahisha the buffalo demon. The myth of Mahisha is a complex, multifaceted narrative with its origins in ancient India. 
Another drawing of Mahisha in a different style.
Above and below are some sketches I made for an old friend - he wrote a quick poem for his mother featuring a figure called “THE HEN.” Here she is, in her many incarnations. She changed shape and character as I read and reread the poem, so I used many different kinds of pens/brushes.
Some abstract props I sketched for a game project. 
Designing vines and an ecosystem around the vines for a game project.
Character Design
A deer character for a game project. 
A traveling danndelion character for a game project
Above are some figure drawings from analytical Figure Drawing with Kevin Chen. Kevin asked us to make the least amount of strokes necessary to define a shape. I respect this idea a lot, and it leads to graphical clarity in most cases, but my style is naturally much sketchier, as you can see below.
More sketches from Kevin's class. 
I like this model's silhouette. She was wiry and elegant. 
This is an ecorche I hand sculpted for a class with Rey Bustos a couple years ago. I love super sculpey! :) Actually modeling with super sculpey used to be a passion of mine from early childhood through college, but these days I don't spend nearly enough time with the stuff. 
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