Here are some short sculptural experiments I squeezed in between projects. I would like to play with projection on large-scale figurative sculpture at some point. Instead of clay I would use a screen-like material, and it would be more abstracted than this - this is sort of just practice to get my head in the right space. 
This is an exercise I made in about a day and a half, just to refresh my memory of anatomy. I made a skeleton first in plastecine and  added the muscles one by one to mass the form. 
Playing with mobiles - I want to also test reactive projection on large mobiles at some point. 
This is an old sculpture exercise I made from Rey Bustos' ecorche class - but it's something I return to often for anatomy reference. I made every bone from scratch and then added the muscles one by one. Rey helped us group the muscles into visually significant complimentary masses. 
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